Marston House Architectural Projects

I studied architecture in the southwest in the 1960's. The emphasis of my education was not on style but on process and context. I was fortunate to have studied the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and to have Poalo Solari as a lecturer. We learned in the harsh Arizona desert to respect the building site, orientation, its context be it rural or urban and the impact the environment has on that site and on the completed structure.

As a young architect, I started my practice in central coast California at the age of 31. I soon became aware of a design consideration that was not taught at the university, the necessity to be sensitive and respectful of my clients' needs be they programmatic, emotional and/or budgetary. This awareness was a matter of survival and the key to a successful project.

I have continued to study and practice my trade and have reached a place of comfort. I am able to develop my own projects and I work with some wonderful clients creating spaces of tranquility and calm for them as a balance to this hectic world.