Three Bedroom Apartment in Bonnieux

Our Bonnieux home is part of a 15th century grand house that over time has been divided into three residences. We own the residence which faces south and east on the second floor. We are in the center of the hilltop village that is capped by a 12th century church located just above us. Within walking distance of our home is the butcher, baker, restaurants, shops and the Friday farmers' market.

The countryside is beautifully dotted with chateaus and early farms, open and lush with vineyards, olive and fruit tree orchards, fields of lavender and sunflowers. Our dining room overlooks vineyards, orchards and the Cedar Forest where we hike and visit the bouries (ancient shepherds encampments built of stone). We love taking picnics, napping in the orchards, spending most of our days out.

Our home was updated with new electrical service and plumbing. It has three bedrooms, two baths, large kitchen with fireplace, dining room, living room/study with high speed internet.

Our home is available all year for rent. Contact us for pricing and availability.


Reviews From Some Of Our Guests:

Paul and Sharon:

We're just back from our trip to France and have put the keys to your house in Bonnieux in the envelope you provided and mailed it off today. We left 125 euros for Marie on the kitchen table, per your instructions.

What a wonderful trip, capped off by a week in Bonnieux! Thanks for all your travel advice and foraccommodating our delay from last fall. We had wonderful weather and enjoyed so much staying in your great place. I borrowed a book to read on theway home (Marquez - Stories) and willsend it alongto you separately.

We managed tovisit most of the hill towns in the vicinity of Bonnieux, as well as Aix, andof course spent a week on the Canal duMidi, as well --a truly memorable trip. Wefound Bonnieux to be a great place for our "headquarters" last week, and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the village, as well.

Thanks again for providing a great place to have our adventure!

Best regards.

--J&S, B&C CA

Dear Sharon and Paul,

There are no sufficient words to convey the depth of our amazement and gratitude for the opportunity to explore the Luberon from your home base in Bonnieux. The house was prefect for for our family! We are completely exchanted with Bonnieux and the surrounding towns and landscape. Thank you for your gracious and magical hospitality!

All the best,

--J P S L & G MA

Dear Sharon and Paul,

We are returning the key for Bonnieux with our great thanks and appreciation. We had a wonderful time in Provence and found your apartment to be a warm, relaxing and beautiful home during our stay. It was even more inviting than the great photos. The wealth of books and music, the fantastic antiques, and the lovely glasses and dinnerware enriched our stay and comforted us.

There is never enough time to do all that we hoped but we had fantastic experiences in Bonnieux - great food for two birthdays, a Handel concert at the church, fireworks in the distance the evening before the fete nationale, market day, the bakery, and more. We had great travels - Pont du Gard, the Cezanne-Picasso exhibit in Aix, Avignon and Chateau Neuf du Pape, a TGV with our friends and more.

Thanks for your helpful guidance and flexibility. I'd love to go back again and I know friends who are already interested in considering a trip.

Best regards,

--M J DC

Dear Sharon and Paul,

Yes, we are here in your amazing apartment having arrived yesterday afternoon. Actually the entrance was like a scene from Chocolat . Bundled in cape and coat, heads against a cold wind. We were awed by town, door, and most especially your apartment. In our minds it is a VILLA. We had dinner at the little hotel down the street and today went to our first market in St. Remy. Beautiful and what an abundant market.

We cooked an incredible dinner and are in absolute heaven in your kitchen. Sunny today and definitely warmer. You are right that November has its own charm. We loved our time in Paris, but here we are in heaven.

Thank you, will enjoy every minute here,

--A P MA

Sharon and Paul,

I can't tell you how thrilled we are to have been introduced to Bonnieux. We honestly see it in our lives for a very long time.

Thank you so very much,

--J P PA

Dear Sharon and Paul,

Our trip to France was more wonderful then we imagined. We loved the house, the village, the food, and as you said Sharon - we too fell in love with each other again!

Thank you so much for the chance to be in your lovely home. Of course we can't wait to go again!

--L&F PA

Sharon and Paul,

Thank you soooo much! I'l email you soon but it was fabulous. We had a wonderful stay. We do love Bonnieux and that house!

Dear Sharon and Paul,

Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful Bonnieux home with us. We had a fabulous time. Truly we over indulged in every aspect but think perhaps our daily walks did compensate.

Thanks so much.


To Paul and Sharon,

Our best wishes for a joyous holiday and again many thanks for helping us make our trip to Provence so memorable.

--B&P ME

Dear Sharon and Paul,

How sad it is to leave this beautiful mystical place! And how different Provence is in the winter! And yes, we would like toreserve for Christmas next year - it is perfect for us.

The days leading up to the 25th were high drama all the way. The market in Apt, ordering our Bresse Chicken & Provencal Lamb from the butcher, 2 1/2 days antiquing in Isle sur la Sorgue ( great pottery / jaspe finds ), picking out the Buche de-Noel, the Coustellet Market, Daube in our favorite pizza place down the street, the church in Gordes . . . . . . . . . All this and more while a mighty and fearful storm was blowing in from the East. High drama on Christmas Eve when we tried to cook and the power kept blowing out because of the three day storm reaching its peak with more violent winds, raging thunder and lightning around 1:00 am.Luckily we had closed the shutters ahead of time. Thank you for this adventure of "Christmas in Bonnieux"


Bonnieux dazzled from the moment we saw it, high on its mountain, across the great valley floor. We were astounded that this could be it, ancient, high above the orchards and fields. We found numero vingt-six at once, I remembered the raspberry stained wall of your neighbor. We came into your home and it felt like home. Sean walked thru first, carrying our bags and I saw him stiffen as he saw the view, and then laugh, the disbelief and wonder.The window was filled to overflowing with the mountain in the haze of the afternoon heat's light.Below us the world fell away indep green fields and trees, vines running along rusty trellises, clinging to white, chalky stonewalls.

It is a lovely place, thank you, thank you for letting us be here, for letting us feel so welcome.

--F&S NY